As yet, unnamed.

February 9th, 2009 + 2:02 PM  ·  SayBitter


Twenty five years living in this world without you
Now I've found you // Now I've found you
Don't know how many times I tried to picture you before I
Saw your face // Before I saw your face

You know that I need you
Now that you are by my side
You know that I want you
For the rest of my life

I've waited my whole life with only the hope I'd find you
Now I've found you // Now I've found you
Now that you are here I promise, my dear, that I'll hold you
Never let you go // Never let you go

[C] x2

Here We Are

August 13th, 2008 + 6:08 PM  ·  SayBitter

Preliminary recording. Should I redo this with some quality? Help me out.

Best results?

August 13th, 2008 + 6:08 PM  ·  SayBitter

Hey guys. I need a plan of action. Here's the equipment I have at my disposal:

Macbook Pro w/ Garageband
Acoustic guitar w/ Dean Markley external pick-up
Squire Strat Electric guitar
Audio-Technica MB k1 microphone
M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB interface
Career MG10 guitar practice amp
Peavey KB1 vocal amp
Enough patch cables to choke a horse.

What hardware setup is going to give me the best result with the equipment I have on hand? I'm only recording vocal tracks and guitar tracks.

Without Words

December 3rd, 2005 + 3:12 PM  ·  SayBitter

"Without Words" by Say.

This is an OLD track I just found. It's from back when I had a different goal. I'm talking about 8 years ago, maybe more. Since then I've learned to play the guitar and write lyrics I actually liked, and the world of music is better off... ha ha

Seriously though, this is older but still a good one I think. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Conversion Story

August 27th, 2005 + 8:08 AM  ·  SayBitter

"Conversion Story" by Say.

The recording is somewhat low quality. Please excuse.
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